Easy Easy EASY Slider Rolls

These rolls use a basic bread dough made by weighing the ingredients.  Flour is extremely difficult to measure consistently by the cup.  Any digital scale is likely to measure both in ounces and in grams.  Grams are particularly easy to use for bread baking because you don’t have to try to figure out pounds and […]

A High Hydration Boule

This bread proves that bread really does need only four ingredients: flour, water, yeast and salt. But, oh, what a difference the flour makes. This loaf was made using NYB Euro-Style Artisan Flour, a mix of several flours. Supper tonight was chicken salad sandwiches.  Sometimes simple food is just the best.  Chicken breast meat which […]

Oat bread with honey and starting a bread notebook

Patient readers of this blog have noticed the long hiatus. I’ve still been cooking and have accumulated knowledge to share here. Much time has been devoted to learning more about bread making and experimenting with different methods and flours. After enjoying throw-stuff-in-a-bowl-get-some-sort-of-bread chaos, I’m ready to settle down and learn some of the intricacies that […]

Starting Bread with a Biga

Unlike a sourdough starter, a biga is a fresh starter made the night before you intend to make bread. Biga is Italian; the French equivalent is a poolish. As with anything bread, there are literally hundreds of recipes and learned discussions of these fresh bread starters on the web. This is my simple method that resulted in a wonderful light white bread.

Foccaccia – Italian flat bread

Semolina flour and olive oil give this loaf a wonderful taste and tender crumb.  Cut wide pieces off and split crosswise like an English muffin to make sandwiches. Ingredients: 1 envelope fast acting yeast 1 cup luke warm water (less than 110°F) 1 teaspoon sugar 2 cups bread flour + additional for dusting the kneading […]

Pumpernickel Bread

Nothing warms the house like the smell of pumpernickel bread cooking in the oven.  Lace it with caraway seeds and the smell is even better. Though hard to find in the grocery store, pumpernickel flour and rye flour are easily obtained via the internet.   There are many vendors and I have been happy with both […]

CHEESY Cheddar Biscuits

Sometimes we hunt for a flavor that wowed us and seemed simple to replicate, only to find that prey elusive.  Such prey was the intensely cheesy flavor of the cheddar biscuits I had, years ago, in a middle-of-nowhere restaurant in North Carolina. Today, I think I finally guessed the answer.  Bill looked up from his […]

No Knead Bread Update

It’s been months since we bought a loaf of bread.  No knead bread is now part of our regular routine.  I do still vaguely measure the flour and water but otherwise I mostly dump handfuls and dollops of ingredients in the pot. I’ve found that not preheating the pot avoids too dark a crust and […]

Lightweight Jiffy Mix Soup Dumplings

Having not grown up with dumplings in soup, I’m not really in favor of gummy dumplings.  But after many pleas from hubby, I decided to try a two-step cooking process.  It worked!  The dumplings were moist yet fluffy! Ingredients: Hearty soup.  I used leftover ham & pea soup that I didn’t whir with the blender […]